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Our Process

Serica’s formula enables large companies to tap into innovation ecosystems around the globe to gain access to cutting-edge technology and healthy financial returns.


  • 1

    Assess your current needs and goals to establish clearly defined criteria for guiding investment decisions.

  • 2

    Develop a comprehensive strategy for your investment needs, covering ideal targets, expected timeframes, and engagement tactics.


  • 3

    Create bilingual marketing assets, such as pitch decks and websites, that enable you to confidently present your company to innovative startups.

  • 4

    Identify the most promising startups, conduct due diligence, shortlist the highest-ranking prospects, and proceed with initial engagements to qualify further.

  • 5

    Provide a detailed report on the startups we have qualified and collaborate closely to select which ones to engage with.

  • 6


    Organize, facilitate, and mediate meetings between startup founders and your senior representatives.

  • 7

    Negotiate (with or on your behalf) term sheets and help navigate you through any bureaucracy or regulatory hurdles you may encounter along the way.

  • 8

    Serica can provide added value to your portfolio by providing access to the Serica Launchpad to help invested companies scale faster, ensure effective integration by offering training and mediation services or take a governance role to help steward the startup towards their goals.

Fee Structure

Fully tailored to your needs and goals, our monthly fees (based on annual contracts) are calculated from specific project variables, including industry complexity, resource allocation, and value created.



Complexity x Time x Value Created =
(our rates)
$20-40k per month
(on average)

Serica does not, under any circumstances, work on a sweat equity or commission-only basis.

Engagement Steps

Our engagement process is designed to be highly collaborative to ensure that we find the best solution for your company as efficiently and effectively as possible.

  1. Receive an initial consultation for free to discuss your goals for the Chinese market and how Serica can help you achieve them.
  2. Sign a ‘Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement’ to protect everyone’s interests. For mutual convenience and security, we send the agreement electronically (via DocuSign) for e-signature.
  3. We outline (in a ten slide presentation) the basic details of our prescribed solution – covering the key opportunities, time-frames, and value created as well as the estimated project fees for your consideration.
  4. Once you achieve consensus on the broad solution, we will have a follow-up meeting to give you the opportunity to ask questions, refine details, and request changes.
  5. Building upon what was previously discussed and agreed upon, we collaborate to develop an ‘Initial Proposal’ covering the precise scope, deliverables, and operation details.
  6. We conduct a ‘Proposal Review Meeting’ where we both have the opportunity to discuss, collaborate and further refine the proposal.
  7. Based on discussions in the previous meeting, additional details are added to the proposal, alongside ‘Terms & Conditions,’ transforming the proposal into a legal contract.
  8. We begin working together to achieve your commercial goals and international ambitions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the average length of a Venture Capital as a Service project?

Between 12 to 24 months, depending on the scope and scale of the project.

2. What are your primary innovation sources?

Our innovation sources include but are not limited to universities, incubators, accelerators, research institutes, and trade organizations.

3. What support can you provide after the project is complete?
Serica can provide added value to your portfolio by providing access to the Serica Launchpad to help invested companies scale faster, ensure effective integration by offering training and mediation services or take a governance role to help steward their development.

4. We are concerned that government authorities may block our investments. Can you mitigate the risk of this happening?
Yes. 1) We do not work on projects with ‘clear and direct’ dual-use technologies or any overly politicized sectors (such as telecommunications); the sectors we work in are not typically subject to restrictive policies or laws. 2) We communicate and cooperate with different government departments directly – such as the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the US International Trade Administration, and the UK Department for International Trade – to stay apprised of changes and, where barriers are applicable, gain practical support to overcome them.

5. Are expenses covered?
No. However, the contract we sign states that all expenses must be pre-agreed in advance and that receipts must be provided before any reimbursement is paid.

6. Are there any third-party fees we will incur?
Yes. At a minimum, there will be legal, banking, and government fees that you will incur. Serica will endeavor, through its network of strategic partners, to keep these costs to a minimum.

7. What are your billing cycles?

We bill quarterly, with the first payment due within ten (10) business days of the contract being signed.

8. What currencies do you accept?

9. What jurisdictions apply to Serica contracts?
Our default jurisdiction is Singapore due to its advanced legal system and efficient (and cost-effective) dispute resolution. We can accept other well-regarded Common Law jurisdictions such as England and the United States as alternative jurisdictions.

10. Can we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before our consultation?

Yes, as long as it is a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (MNDA) with Singapore, England, or the United States as the jurisdiction and is signed electronically. View Serica’s MNDA by clicking HERE.

11. Why do you exclusively use digital contracts, proposals, and invoices?

The ability to receive, sign, and pay electronically provides both of us with enhanced security and greater convenience. Learn more.

12. Can you help organize visas, travel arrangements, and source interpreters?
Yes. We can sponsor your visa, help you find hotels, and connect you with reliable (and cost-effective) interpreters.

13. How do you track and report project progress?
We provide you with direct access to our project management software that enables you to track and review our progress in real-time.

14. What else do you need from us?
Serica takes a highly collaborative approach to every project we undertake. Throughout the project, we expect and need you to dedicate the time, focus, and resources towards achieving the goals we set together.

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